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SHEEX Featured On The Katie Couric Show

When it comes to optimal health and fitness don’t overlook sleep! Fitness expert David Jack (Men’s Health) shares his “Must-Have Essentials To Stay in Shape,” with The Katie Couric Show. He includes SHEEX Performance Sheets as the first item, touting their recovery enhancing benefits. He stresses that the quality of your bedding sets the tone for quality sleep to follow–we could not agree more!

Watch the full clip below:

Travels With SHEEX Co-CEO AND Co-Founder Michelle Brooke-Marciniak

By Michelle Brooke-Marciniak


Whirlwind experiences. Last month I was fortunate enough to attend EY’s World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in Monaco (pictured above) and the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, CO. I have attended many conferences throughout my SHEEX tenure, yet they seem to be getting better and better each year.


Because I believe that I am growing, and so is my mind, craving information, experiences and knowledge. The deeper I dive into being an entrepreneur, the more I want to learn, see and experience. Listening to inspirational speakers is “mind candy” for me. I love applying the experiences of other Executives and Founders to my own, as well as drawing connections to my own successes and failures within SHEEX.  It is humbling to listen to highly accomplished Founder’s and CEO’s speak of their paths to success. The most meaningful part is listening to their missteps – the “lessons learned” throughout their climb.  This is where I lean in, listen and apply the most. When talking with my SHEEX team on a call the other day while in Aspen, I recall passionately explaining to everyone how inspired I felt at the EY WEOY and Aspen Ideas Festival listening to inspirational leaders talking about real issues.

Hillary Clinton interview 2014

Hillary Clinton spoke about the importance of networking and forming long standing relationships with people; and how great relationships take a long time to form. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, spoke about staying focused on key objectives and believing in your mission as an executive regardless of what the critics say. She also spoke about finding the best team to surround yourself with, and hidden within her words of wisdom was a sense of self confidence that she has as a woman in a typically male dominated position.

Arianna Huffington, Chair, President and Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post, didn’t have to say anything to me for me to witness her gentle yet powerful nature as she worked a crowd and spoke to everyone. When I did get an opportunity to say hello and tell her about SHEEX, she listened.  She asked questions.  She cared.  She offered help.  That is leadership at its finest.  Leadership you can see through actions and then feel through words.


I observed a panel with Beth Brooke-Marciniak (my wife), EY’s Global Vice Chair and Sallie Krawcheck, Owner of Ellevate and saw two women work their panel discussion like they had been doing a talk show together for the past 30 years. They were fluid, concise, confident yet inviting. They challenged their audience to think about broader issues on women gender biases, embracing the difference in all people, building networks and investing in women and girls. Beth and Sallie made me think deeply about what I am doing to invest in other women, to sponsor them and lift them up as so many women have lifted me up.

While standing at a reception before an amazing luncheon put on by The Atlantic’s incredible Founder’s David and Kathleen Bradley, I conversed with a woman whom I immediately thought was amazing. Her name, Mary Edmiston Potter, a tax attorney. What I found most fascinating about Mary was her passion for life. She is spirited in her work and jazzed by life. I told her about SHEEX and just like Arianna, she listened, was engaged, encouraging and wanted to know more. She made ME feel like I had known her my entire life.

At dinner in Aspen, I sat next to a woman named Diana Cox-Foster, a soft spoken woman who, when asked about what she is speaking on at the Aspen Ideas Festival, she answered very simply, The Pollination of Bees. (She is a Professor of Entomology at Penn State University.) After our evening together, I felt like I knew everything there was to know about bees and insects and she knew more about Performance Sleep!  She was fascinating and a true expert in her field. My favorite thing Diana shared was the fact that a Queen Bee has no motivation to sting you nor harm you unless you provoke it to do so. She loses her life after she stings you so life lesson: Don’t Swat at Bees!!!

marthastewart michelle monaco 2014

I was able to speak to Martha Stewart, after her panel in Monaco (pictured above), where I thanked her for the letter she sent Susan and me after we sent her a set of SHEEX a few years ago (she was very gracious in person and I told her it was framed and up in our offices.) During her talk, she was humble and as strong of a woman as I’ve ever witnessed. Yet, she was believable and touchable in a way that I believed after hearing her speak that anything is attainable with dramatic attention to detail.  Detail in your product, the function of your employees and detailed to the point of perfection.

Experiencing Martha made me think of myself as an elite athlete. As a basketball player I was neurotic about details–it was be perfect or be nothing. Average wasn’t in the equation. The biggest successes in my basketball career happened because I was focused on details. So in lies the transfer of that particular skill to that of being an entrepreneur, details matter.  I saw the same thread in all seven of the women I encountered. All extremely professional in their presentation and detailed in their work and delivery of their messages. All were confident, humble and very powerful in their own right.

You’re never too old to learn and never too old to listen and be inspired to keep striving to be your best. Everywhere you go and throughout your career there will be people like me who are watching and experiencing people just like this. Sometimes your are an inspiration when you are not trying to be, and it feels good to listen and learn and know that anything is possible.


Inside The World Cup with SHEEX Ambassador Dwayne DeRosario

Soccer is on everyone’s mind, televisions and social media feeds this month and even the pro soccer stars themselves are glued to the World Cup! SHEEX Ambassador Dwayne De Rosario shares his expert opinion on who will win, the importance of sleep in world-class soccer and his top SHEEX picks!


Who is your pick to win the 2014 World Cup?


Describe the importance of sleep during a major tournament like the World Cup.

It is so important to have proper rest and sleep so that the body, and mind, are fully rejuvenated and relaxed under such pressure and intensity.

What is your sleep routine like during training and before a game?

I make sure that I get lots of rest so when game time comes I feel fresh and ready to play at my best.

What is your favorite SHEEX item?

I love my SHEEX Performance Sheet set–in cold and hot conditions, I always feel comfortable and relaxed.

What is your current focus and outlook for the remainder of 2014?

I have been watching the World Cup, but of course I am disappointed not to be playing this time.

When you’re not playing soccer you are _______________.

Relaxing on my SHEEX-covered bed!

“Everyone knows how important sleep is, and being a professional athlete and father of four active kids, sleep is of the utmost importance to me! Since using SHEEX®, I’ve been waking up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever before.”


SHEEX Sleep Ambassador Patty Mills Leads San Antonio to Victory

 1402915997761.jpg-620x349Photo: Reuters via The Sydney Morning Herald

We sat on the edge of our seats this weekend as SHEEX Sleep Ambassador Patty Mills and his team, the San Antonio Spurs, defeated the Miami Heat 104-87 during the NBA Finals. The victory was made sweeter as the Spurs avenged their loss to the Heat in last year’s final, and Patty, who sat out that game due to injury last year, scored 17 goals in 17 minutes to help lead his team to victory! Patty came into this playoff season extremely motivated and with one goal in mind: to win.

You can read our exclusive interview with Patty from earlier this season, where he mentions his season-long goal of dominating the NBA Championships here. Patty solidified that his hard work, recovery with SHEEX and a positive outlook can all pay off when it matters most.

We also asked SHEEX fans to share their encouraging words for Patty on the SHEEX Facebook page during the first round of the playoffs. Congrats to Laura who was chosen to win Patty’s autographed jersey–she looks great and wears Patty’s #8 with pride!

photo 1

photo 5


WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts Turns Down The Heat With SHEEX

When the thermostat reaches triple digits, what is your first instinct? Perhaps turn on the air conditioner, hit the pool or even grab a popsicle? WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts reaches for SHEEX!

The popular WWE personality is a big fan of SHEEX and for a good reason–his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ routinely reaches temperatures well over 100 degrees all summer long. With an optimal sleep temperature of around 60 degrees, he needs SHEEX to ensure a good night of sleep to be screen and ring-ready!

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 11.30.35 AM

Give Dad the #bestsleepever


It’s not too late to give Dad an incredible gift that he deserves! The special guy in your life will love the sporty and breathable feel of SHEEX that helps him stay cool and sleep well all night so that he can perform when it matters.

This week SHEEX is giving you the chance to give Dad the #bestsleepever when you enter our Facebook contest. Like and visit our SHEEX Facebook page for full contest details.

Share the best piece of advice your father has given to you (here) and be entered to win a set of men’s SHEEX® Performance Sleepwear for Father’s Day! We’ll select one lucky winner to receive a Men’s Short Sleeve Tee and Lounge Pant set. Winner will be announced Friday, June 13th after 4pm EST!


SHEEX Sleep Ambassador To Watch: Jason High


MMA Fighter and SHEEX Sleep Ambassador Jason High began the year with big goals, but also a big scare–his apendix burst and he required a full appendectomy surgery. After months of rehab and training, Jason is back to strength as he heads into his first major fight of 2014 this Saturday. Jason gave SHEEX an exclusive look at his training, winning mindset and how he uses SHEEX:

How do you feel going into this fight? I feel great! Training has been awesome and everything is going according to plan.

How does it feel to come back after appendicitis/surgery? I’m feeling very fortunate to make it through that whole ordeal with no residual effects. That was my first long hospitalization, and also first surgery, so it was kind of scary.

Describe your comeback recovery and training. Recovery was pretty basic really. I didn’t have to do anything special rather, it was more of a lot of waiting, which sucks. I started back training pretty slowly and listened to my body. Before I knew it I was feeling better everyday and back to full speed. All in all I couldn’t do much for about 6 weeks.

What are your performance goals—not just winning? I just want to keep getting better. Recently that’s been about listening to my body. In other words, resting when I need rest so I can train hard on the days I need to.

What SHEEX products do you travel with to fights? My SHEEX SLEEP•SAX is usually the first thing I pack on any trip. I love being able to take SHEEX with me on the road.

Do you have any pre-game sleep rituals? (Naps, going to bed early, ect.) No, not really. I usually try to sleep in, eat breakfast and just relax. I always try to get lots of sleep. Sometimes I’ll nap on fight day, just depends on what time I have to be at the arena.

Be sure to watch Jason as he faces Rafael dos Anjos (Fight Night 42) this Saturday night, June 7th, LIVE on FOX Sports 1.

Pick The Right SHEEX Colors To Help You Sleep

The colors you choose for your bedroom decor may affect the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that people who paint or decorate their rooms with calming and cheery colors such as blue, but also silver, yellow and green, report to sleep better and longer. By pairing optimal sleep colors with the sleep-enhancing technology of SHEEX, you just may be on your way to creating a “sleep paradise!” Here are our top picks for SHEEX in sleep-inducing hues:

SHEEX Performance Sheets in Glacier Blue

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.04.03 AM

SHEEX Reversible Performance Fabric Sheet Set in Navy

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.12.28 AM

SHEEX Performance Duvet Cover in Pewter

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.06.20 AM

SHEEX Women’s Performance Sleepwear in Powder Blue

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.07.42 AM


Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 10.10.16 AM

Be sure to shop the entire SHEEX collection with offerings in Glacier Blue, Navy and Pewter to help you create your optimal sleeping space.

SHEEX Sleep Ambassador Spotlight: Maria Hernandez

SHEEX Sleep Ambassador and LPGA Golfer Maria Hernandez gives SHEEX an exciting look at her 2014 season!



Thoughts on her next competition, the Atlantic City Tournament, this Friday: The golf course is short and it is in great conditions. The rough is a little high, so it’s important to hit the fairways. The greens are small but with many breaks–it’s a little bit early to talk about them, but they are softer and slower than usual. However, I’m sure that because of the rain they are going to be faster.

What is a typical day in-season like? Today, I’m an alternate on the prom from 4 to 7pm so I’m going to go practice in the afternoon, this morning I’m going to work out a little bit.

When she’s not playing golf Maria enjoys: soccer, skiing and watching movies.

Check out Maria’s blog (its bilingual!) http://www.mariahernandezgolf.com/blog

Why Maria loves SHEEX: I had a neck injury for two years that kept me away from playing golf for nearly an entire season. The ability to get a good night’s sleep is a very important part of trying to get back to 100%. When I get home, I just want to just jump in bed with my SHEEX® and get a comfortable night’s sleep so that I can be ready to train and compete at my best and get ready the next day.

We wish Maria all the best in Atlantic City this Friday and throughout the 2014 LPGA season!



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